“Warrior Watchman” by Meghan Williams, Dyed4you Art

{vision} I saw myself wearing a unique necklace. The pendant was designed like a gyroscope, yet instead of a “wheel within a wheel,” there was a coin within a coin. One coin face had a lion’s head and another that of a man. I had the sense that the other coin faces mirrored the rest of the four living creatures connected to the throne of God, the eagle and the ox (Ezekiel 1, Revelation 4).

Though this vision came to me in a quick flash, many things were downloaded to my spirit all at once. God has been speaking to me a lot about living from the place of our authority in Him. According to Ephesians 2:6, we are seated with Christ in heavenly places. I can be honest and say that although I know this truth with my mind, it is a much different thing to know it in my bones and feel secure in that knowledge. Doubt, fear, and insecurities can creep in and cause a child of God to feel weak and worthless. Therefore, I knew this vision of the necklace was meant to give me further revelation about our royal authority in Christ.

The necklace in my vision references the throne of God on several levels. Of course, “the wheel within wheel” motif points directly to the throne of God (Ezekiel 1:15-21). The “faces” of the coin allude to the presence of God because the word for “presence” in Hebrew is paniym (H6440), which can be translated as “faces.” For me, the lion symbolizes kingly or royal authority, while the head of a man echoes the same theme since the head is symbolically associated with leadership in Hebraic thought. (Think of the term “head of state.”)

I could sense the fact that the pendant looked like a gyroscope also had further significance. When I looked up the purpose of a gyroscope, the words were strongly highlighted to me, “a device used for measuring or maintaining orientation and angular velocity.” I sensed that God wanted to speak to me about being secure in my position (seat of authority) in Christ as I moved forward in what He had called me to do. If ever I found myself out of alignment with Him, the revelation He was bringing was meant to help me get back on track.

Another part of this message was within the use of the coins themselves. Many coins have been highlighted to me recently. A few years ago, I remember hearing a prophetic person talk about how pennies are a personal symbol to her of being a “sent one.” (Literally, pennies are “one cent” in value.) In biblical times, sent ones or apostles (in Hebrew shaliah) are considered legal messengers or agents that carry the authority of the one who sent them and who carry out actions on their behalf.

Coins are very similar in that they are monetary representatives. Coins are given a specific value based on what they are made of and how they are imprinted. In most modern economies, we can’t walk into a store with raw silver, nickel, or copper and use it the way we would a coin. The metals the coins are made out of are given much more weight simply through the minting process.

When we become carriers of Christ by the Spirit, we, too, are minted in a way. We are stamped with the face or image of God, and it completely changes our value. We are no longer simply flesh; we carry the weight of glory and the authority of the One who sits at the right hand of God. We have been stamped with the very nature of God.

Again, these are truths we know as Christians, but we don’t always actively walk in the dominion that God has bestowed upon us. Our divine authority is akin to having billions of dollars at one’s disposal to carry out our employer’s will and good plans but not using it out of ignorance, fear, or insecurity. In truth, we received authority at the dawn of creation when God determined that humanity would be made in His image and “rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky, over the livestock and all the wild animals, and over all the creatures that move along the ground” (Genesis 1:26). God created us to reign and operate as an extension of Him in the earth.

While sin may have disconnected us from this position of honor in creation, Christ’s sacrifice has restored it. Our value as sons and daughters of God is intrinsic and unchanging, even when we lose sight of it. Often the trials of life and the gravity of the earthly realm can cause us to get off track in our divinely appointed purpose. However, the Spirit within us is ever ready to help us stay on course with the work God has sent us to accomplish.

Colossians 1:21-23 (TPT) Even though you were once distant from him, living in the shadows of your evil thoughts and actions, he reconnected you back to himself. He released his supernatural peace to you through the sacrifice of his own body as the sin-payment on your behalf so that you would dwell in his presence. And now there is nothing between you and Father God, for he sees you as holy, flawless, and restored, if indeed you continue to advance in faith, assured of a firm foundation to grow upon. Never be shaken from the hope of the gospel you have believed in. And this is the glorious news I preach all over the world.

Isaiah 22:22-24 (AMP) “Then I will set on his shoulder the key of the house of David; When he opens no one will shut, When he shuts no one will open. I will drive him like a peg in a firm place, And he will become a throne of honor and glory to his father’s house. So they will hang on him all the honor and glory [the complete responsibility] of his father’s house, offspring and issue [of the family, high and low], all the least of the articles, from the bowls to all the jars.