Recently, I received this word that I sense refers to those who are elders in the Body of Christ. These individuals are either “gray-haired” or they are like the prophet Samuel, who have been consecrated to the Lord since they were youths. These individuals have walked with the Lord for many years and spiritual miles. Therefore, they have accumulated a “weight” or “glory” (kabad) from their time with God.

Strong’s H3513 כָּבַד kâbad, kaw-bad’; or כָּבֵד kâbêd “be weighty, be honorable, be glorious, be burdensome, be honored, enjoy honor, be made abundant, glorify.”

You are My treasure, My secret delight hidden in plain sight. You have borne long with Me and followed Me wherever I called you to go. And oh, we’ve had some adventures, haven’t we, My friend? Up, down, all around, you have gone the distance with Me and weathered many a storm. Like a turtle who has carried its home with him, so you have faithfully carried My Word. And when the harshness and heat of wilderness seasons became too severe, you learned to seek the shelter of My Word as your hiding place.

Though the journey has been long and arduous, please do not count yourself out just yet. I have a special plan for you, if you are willing. There are those caught in the wilderness behind you, and desperate for a way out. You know all the pathways, all the pitfalls, and the obstacles that meet wanderers at every turn. Yet you also know the way to the Highway of Holiness. This is the road less traveled but one that takes travelers straight home to Me. On this road, not even fools can go astray.

My Friend, after so much time and experience with Me, you have absorbed more of My nature than you may realize. You are steady and an overcomer who has learned the secret to abiding in the Rock. You are a grounded, safe place for the forlorn wanderer to find refuge. Therefore, because I trust you so, I have a new race and a new commission for you—if you are willing. This is not like the other races I have called you to run before. Do not let them influence your vision of the future. Forget the former things, for this is a new thing I desire to do in you. This yoke will be easy and light, and you will be astounded over My plan for you. I will cause My light to be seen upon you in this dark hour. Whoever has an ear to hear will hear My Words flow through you. Honor Me by allowing Me to honor you now and our longtime friendship. And in this hour, I will cause you to reap a great reward for enduring with Me until the end.