Elisa Eaton is the founder and chief artisan of Living Colors & Expressions
(LC&E), a consultancy that provides award-winning graphic design, editing, and creative coaching services. She is passionate about stirring up both the spiritual and creative gifts in others and helping them remain in the flow of the Holy Spirit.

Elisa is an artist, writer, and child of God; everything she does flows from the place of being an heir of the Creator. From a young age, she viewed life through the lens of an artist and writer. Difficult life experiences and an incredible journey through the wilderness drew her closer to her Heavenly Father than she ever imagined was possible. Now, she considers herself to be an eternal apprentice of the Master Artist.

In addition to her personal collection of science-fiction and fantasy works, she enjoys writing her reflections on creativity and life in the Spirit here, at Waiting in the Wings, and on her author blog, Child of God. She also volunteers her time, written works, and creative coaching skills with Dyed4you Ministries, a prophetic silk and art ministry dedicated to hearing the voice of God and helping others to do the same.